III: Before Turning 26


Now, let me talk about the things I might buy after cashing out part 1 of my Christmas bonus. Write this down if perhaps you want to send me something. (Perhaps. Just perhaps.)

And maybe you want to listen to this while reading along?

Batman The Animated Series Batsignal
(with Batman and Robin)


Ever since my favorite animated show of all time became a toy lineup from DC Collectibles, I was so excited about the possibility of having the exact replica of the cartoon’s Batsignal. And boy, they do turned that into reality. I already have a Batman (from the New Batman Adventures), a Batgirl, a Bane and a Penguin, so the inclusion of the Dynamic Duo in their first Animated Series designs would be really cool.

But the Batsignal may be the gem of them all. Look at that Batsignal! I do hope the signal lights up really well in the dark, but I am already in love with the look itself.

A Button-Down Collar Shirt (or Two)


I work in an industry where shirts and neckties are not the norm. And that I have my eternal thanks for. But sometimes I do want to look sharp while going to work, during work and even going home. A great button-down shirt like Uniqlo pairing with a nice plain knitted tie is a great gift to myself. (This post is not sponsored by Uniqlo.)

Foo Fighters Baseball Varsity Jacket


This year, I was able to buy my first set of Foo Fighters shirts. (Thank you, Uniqlo! Again, this post is not sponsored.) Since last year though my eyes has been deadset on this varsity jacket I found on Gig-Merch.com.

Even if I live in a tropical weather with this unpredictable rainny-or-sunny weather, I love wearing jackets. And I keep on proclaiming that I love the Foo Fighters. Combine those two things that I really love, and you got this cool varsity jacket. I might not be able to get this just in time for Christmas, but I still want to have it.

A Cup of Don’t-Fuck-This-Up


This is not really a product I have in mind. It’s more of an idea of saving up more. And this contrasts from the things I just listed.

A few signficant friends have told me not to spend too much on things I really don’t need. But how can I do that? I only started collecting my favorite stuff since 3 years ago! (Oh, wait.) But they’re right. I do need to save up more money, and fortunately I have done so successfully this year. Might as well save more with what I’ve just received before my birthday, right?

And that’s it! Those are some of the things I want to have on my birthday. There are some more, but I’ll just write them on the next post or two. Or maybe three. I don’t know, really.

But yey for tomorrow! Happy birthday to me, biatch!

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