III: Before Turning 26



November 22, 1990 was the debut of the fearsome Undertaker in WWE soil. Since that very day, he has “taken souls” of countless wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and John Cena, “dug holes” specially reserved for their carcasses, and he also went through some changes through the years—going from a really old Western zombie with a morbid dayjob to a badass Texan biker to being back in black and undead.


13 days after that debut, another dark entity was born at a humble hospital—a dark brown skinned baby’s butt was slapped by the doctor after a beautiful mother labored for a few yet grueling hours. That baby would grow into a handsome guy (says his mom, not the writer) and that person is now working as an interactive designer by day, and a writer-for-fun by night. His name is [REDACTED], but is known on the World Wide Web as The Deranged Writer.

How’s that for a new About piece, guys? And have I told you that I, The Deranged Writer, became a fan of The Undertaker 4-5 years after he made his debut? Now you know.

And if you calculated it right, yes, December 5 is my birthday. I’m turning 26! I was in denial about getting old, but yes, I am turning 2-goddamn-6. And my pre-birthday is going great. Work week was really grueling, but all the work I’ve done was approved and submitted on time. And also, part 1 of the yearly labor’s fruit was realized last Friday. (wink wink) Money, money, money.

And what should I do with part 1 of those fruits? I have a few ideas. (Still with me? Please click page 3!)

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