20-Minute Warning Before 2017

Of all the shitty years I have ever went through, 2016 has been the shittiest. Seriously. But even if I don’t talk about my personal life, a lot of people will agree that 2016 is one very, very bad year. I can list some reasons: More bloodshed from war-stricken countries, the surprise win of Donald Trump as President of the U.S.A., and the meteoric and almost apocalyptic rise of President Rodrigo Duterte and his controversial war against drugs.

But what really hits me the most as I remember and write under time pressure is the demise of people I look up to. David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, and Prince (!!!) all gone on the same year really cut some heartstrings brutally. I may not know them, but to think that we will never get to see more of their brilliance in music, film and the arts is just terrible. Terrible. But yes, they did made use of their brilliance to change the world or at least change the worlds of those who admire them. And with all of the masterpieces they created, we will remember them for years to come. And I will truly remember them.

And don’t get me wrong. I do want to talk more socially-relevant topics on my blog. But that will be done next year. And it’s like 11:14 as I typed this. Time pressure. Tick tock.

10 minutes. 10 minutes is also not enough for me to discuss how hard it is for me to be diagonosed as clinically depressed. I know I can be really emotionally; that I can get sad pretty easily. But 2016 really put that depression under a microscope. And I can’t even expound on how sad that is without feeling relieved after doing so. Maybe that is also the reason for my new Dispatch. I want a clean slate that I can really talk about what I am really going through.

Of course, there are some brighter moments like getting closer with my family and friends because of my diagnosis, getting a lot of new stuff, buying a lot of new stuff (like the new phone I just bought before Christmas!), new discoveries like the eccentric metal band Ghost and indie pop band Autotelic, and enjoying Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (surprising really!) on the big screen. But man, I cannot wait for 2016 to end. This has been one tough year for me and the rest of planet Earth.

And here come the fireworks. Here’s to a funner, less darker 2017! But even if it will not be like that, I just hope everything will be just fine. That’s all.

Happy New Year! Ding!

5-Minute Warning III

Since December 22, I started sleeping late again. Like, senior college type of sleeping late. Writing and watching videos until I can see a piece of that morning sun from the window. That was poetic for a 5-minute warning. But it’s true. I’ve been sleeping late again.

But what the hell… I am on my Christmas vacation. I deserve to sleep late like this after all that unholy snowball of work stress. I deserve to mess up my body clock again while enjoying what I love doing in the process—writing (especially here). Sure, I’m exercising that under time pressure, but that adds spice to it. I like challenges especially when it has its rewards—improvement, a material that I want to have, or just plain cash. Who doesn’t want rewards?

And that’s about it. Beep beep beep.