Questions & Exclamations: WWE Raw (November 21, 2016)

This year’s Survivor Series became a big deal again, much thanks to the top notch matches and that surprisng Goldberg victory. And after my viewing last Saturday, I was so looking forward to the aftermath on WWE Raw. Here are my Questions and Exclamations of Monday Night Raw last November 21, 2016.

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Exclamation: Goldberg announces he’s entering the 2017 Royal Rumble Match! It totally makes sense because he just conquered The Conqueror in record time, and him at the Rumble will be a more marquee match than it usually is. Will he win though? We’ll see next year!

Question: Where’s Brock Lesnar? I was expected a reaction from The Beast Incarnate, but he’s not on Raw. Will WWE just sweep this under the rug? Will Brock return at the Rumble and ruin Goldberg’s title chances at WrestleMania? I am totally invested on this story, and I hope WWE doesn’t ruin this.


Question: Is The New Day back as heels? The match was good (Cesaro and Sheamus’ unorthodox heel-and-face team delivered again), but the real catcher is how Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods retain their titles and surpass Demolition’s record title reign. Are they back as villains or they are just being really smart?

Exclamation: Give Sheamus/Cesaro a title run! Come on, guys. If you can’t give the title to Gallows and Anderson, give the tag titles to the Celtic Warrior and Swiss Superman. No matter how dysfunctional they work as a team, they still work. And I think some gold will look good on them.


Exclamation: Another good Cruiserweight match! From turning the ring ropes and stage into purple down to exposing more talents from the division, WWE is doing an awesome job on promoting them. And what a great back-and-forth battle by Cedric Alexander and Ariya Daivari. Their maneuvers always get my attention.

Question: What happens to the Cruiserweights with 205 Live nearing? Will they still appear on Raw, but less? I am confused as hell.


Exclamation: Gallows and Anderson are back in the tag title picture! And they deserve to be there. They’re ass-kickers as a part of Bullet Club in NJPW, and they should be featured on Raw as such ass-kickers.

Question: When will The Golden Truth end? Goldust may be one of my favorite wrestlers ever (really), and R-Truth was all right. But I don’t know if pairing them up as a tag team works anymore.


Exclamation: Rusev make Enzo Amore humble! Enzo Amore is butt naked and locked out of their locker room, Lana saw it (that it) and Rusev was insulted. Being the husband of the Ravishing Russian, of course he is insulted. And what did they do to settle this? Of course, like any other men do: beat each other up in a WWE ring [؟]. And boy, did the Bulgarian Brute punished Amore with the Accollade.

Exclamation: Big Cass and Rusev staredown! On paper, Amore has less than 10% percent chances of winning against Rusev, but boy, look at Big Cass. I wonder if they’re going to get a Big Cass/Rusev feud.


Question: Mick Foley, why are you being too harsh? Sami Zayn failed to take the Intercontinetal Championship to Raw, thanks to The Miz and Maryse’s heel tactics at Survivor Series. And what did Mick Foley do? He puts Zayn in a pretty-sure-it-will-be-a-squash match against Braun Strowman. And boy, did Strowman squashed Zayn. I hate that. I always believe in Underdog from the Underground, and he deserves better than this.

Not cool, Mick. Not cool.

Exclamation: Charlotte kills it as a heel! Charlotte as a face is good, but she is in her element when she’s the villain. Always poking Sasha Bank’s injuries and insulting the crowd for being “dumb Canadians”,  I think she may be the top female heel in WWE right now.

Exclamation: Nia Jax feuding against actual WWE talent! From squashing hometown heroes, now the monster heel that is Jax is after Sasha Banks. And in my opinion, the addition of Jax in such picture makes the Women’s division more diverse and more interesting. On Raw, you have three out of the Four Horsewomen in Charlotte, Banks and Bayley who are great wrestlers, and then you have someone like Jax who just throws other female Superstars off the ring. I like that.


Exclamation: The Women’s match! Last night, Nia Jax displayed her strength by doing a double suplex to Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss. But on Raw, did you see that double suplex to Nia Jax by Sasha Banks and Bayley? That looks amazing! Good match, Women’s division. Good job!


Exclamation: Rich Swann is the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship! The Triple Threat bout is great as expected. These are the Cruiserweights we’re talking about. And I love and support my fellow Filipino TJ Perkins, but I’m glad there is a new contender to The Brian Kendrick’s title in Swann. But…

Question: Are those wings on his tights, Swann? I only noticed just now. What’s with those wings? I know they’re a play on his ring name, but it looks… weird. Am I overreacting? Kill me if I’m overreacting.

Exclamation: Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho duped us again! After what happened to Jeri-KO at Survivor Series, will they finally implode on Raw?  Jericho called out Kevin Owens on the Highlight Reel for using his List of Jericho as a weapon. And after a heated argument, they both pointed that Roman Reigns is the one at fault for their loss at Survivor Series. You duped me again, Jeri-KO. You duped me again.

I’m pretty sure if the team really implodes, that will be a great feud everyone can get behind.

Exclamation: A Universal Championship match on Raw! I’m always surprised whenever WWE gives a world title match on one of their main weekly shows. And I don’t think that will ever change. And the cream on top of that is GM Mick Foley added “no disqualifications”. Suh-weet.


Exclamation: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins delivered! The current WWE’s take of a No DQ match is pretty mild compared to the ones in the Attitude Era or the Ruthless Aggression era. But Owens vs. Rollins feels like a match that takes places on either of those eras, which is great! Sure, there’s not much blood, but taking the fight to the audience area realy reminds me of WWE’s TV-14 days.

Exclamation: A masked Jericho helps Owens! What a great heel tactic by Jeri-KO. They twisted Foley’s stipulation by making Jericho wear a Sin Cara mask and a Shinsuke Nakamura hoddie (!!!) and pose as a fan who beats up Rollins. What a team.

Match Results

  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (C) defeats Sheamus & Cesaro
  • Cedric Alexander defeats Ariya Daivari
  • Rusev defeats Enzo Amore
  • #1 Contenders’ Match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeats The Golden Truth (Goldust/R-Truth) 
  • Braun Strowman defeats Sami Zayn (via stoppage by Mick Foley)
  • Sasha Banks and Bayley defeats Charlotte and Nia Jax (via submission) 
  • #1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Rich Swann defeats TJ Perkins and Noam Dar
  • WWE Universal Championship Match (No Disqualifications): Kevin Owens (C) defeats Seth Rollins

And that ends my Questions & Exclamations about WWE Raw last week! Fingers crossed on a SmackDown Q&E, perhaps? And what do you think about last week’s Raw? Sound off in the comments below, if you will.

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