Questions & Exclamations: WWE’s Survivor Series (2016)

Knock, knock, Dispatch. I’m back and with a new segment called Questions and Exclamations wherein I question and shout important points on whatever I’m watching. This week’s topic is WWE’s 4th flagship show of the year, Survivor Series.

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5-on-5 Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

Exclamation: Natalya replaced an injured Nikki Bella before the match!  Nikki Bella may be Team SmackDown’s captain, but their coach Natalya should be in the match proper. Natalya is a great wrestler, she hails from Canada, and the event is happening in Canada. What better way to please the crowd than to feature their fellow Canadian in the match?

Question: Who attacked Nikki Bella? Far-fetched idea: Is it a new wrestler? Possible idea: Is it Natalya herself? I guess we will find out on SmackDown Live?

Question: Natalya pinned Sasha Banks? That came out of nowhere. I really thought The Boss will be at least in the final 4 or final 3 of the match.

Exclamation: Nia Jax displays her power throughout the match! Did you see her double suplex to Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss? That looks so great, it really showed how a monster heel Nia is and can fight against the likes of Lynch and even Natalya.

Exclamation: Charlotte beats Bayley after Team Raw won! What a bitch move by Charlotte, which works since she is a heel. The other mean thing is that she didn’t even made the final pin for the win. Poor Bayley.

Results: Bayley picks up the win for Team Raw!


WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz vs. Sami Zayn

Exclamation: The Miz and Maryse themselves as heels! Even without the assistance of the Spirit Squad, the defending champion The Miz on his own is one of the most hated heels in WWE nowadays. His more polished in-ring skills are a nice add-on, too!

Add another great heel in his wife Maryse, and you have an evil power couple. How is good of a heel Maryse is? When she rang that bell when Sami Zayn supposedly “won” the match. Heel tactics at its best. And it worked wonderfully for the couple.

Exclamation: Sami Zayn’s performance and the crowd! What a great way to display Zayn’s amazing in-ring ability. And the crowd chanting “Ole!” during one point of the match is an acknowledgement of Zayn’s past as the beloved indie star El Generico.

Result: The Miz retains the Intercontinental Championship!


10-on-10 Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match

Question: The New Day eliminated early. WHY? I didn’t see that elimination coming early. Sure, Breezango were eliminated first, but the captains New Day being eliminated second by an Uso? Where did that come from? And how bad and vulnerable do they look because of that?

Exclamation: Suicide dives everywhere! Gallows, Amore… I think my favorite dive in the match is Slater’s. It was executed so well, and it earned plus points on him.

Exclamation: The Usos and Sheamus/Cesaro on a roll! From eliminating the New Day early to being the final two teams in the match, The Usos are unfazed from the Canadian boos. Maybe this will be their way to the SmackDown Live tag team championships? I hope so!

But their momentum is nothing compared to the unusual team of Sheamus and Cesaro. The weird heel-and-face team still works for me, and with their constant defense against the Uso’s dives and kicks, I’m pretty sure they earned a Raw tag title shot.

Result: Sheamus/Cesaro wins for Team Raw!


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: The Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto

Exclamation: Kendrick being methodical! What really makes Kendrick stand out is that he is a “mindgames” kind of cruiserweight unlike Kalisto who flies in and out of the ring. And this match lets Kendrick be “The Man with a Plan”.

Exclamation: Kalisto’s spots! Kalisto always goes for high risk maneuvers, and those can wear off any of his opponent and can also wear himself off. But did you see that flipped slam outside the ring? That gotta hurt!

Question: Why Baron Corbin? Why? Why did you have to interfer with a quality match? That was a shit ending. Unexpected, surprising, but shit ending.

Result: The Brian Kendrick keeps his Cruiserweight Championship via disqualification. 


5-on-5 Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

Exclamation: Shane McMahon in another WWE match! I always freak out whenever Shane gets involved in a wrestling match because everyone knows he will do something crazy. And using Braun Strowman as an example, he dove again from the ring post to the announce table. And he’s 46 years old. Good God, Shane.

Another insane example is Shane getting that devastating spear from Roman Reigns… while on air. Shane’s dazed eyes tell it all. Please get well, Shane. And just be the comminsioner of SmackDown. Please.

Exclamation: Braun Strowman throws James Elsworth from the entrance stage! This match seemingly cemented Braun as an important part of Raw. But his momentum was blocked by another person who is on a roll and an integral part of another brand: James Elsworth.

Exclamation: AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho just being in the match! Dreams do come true, right? All the best in the world in one match. Thank you, WWE.

Exclamation: Chris Jericho himself! You have to give it to the most over guy in WWE right now, Chris Jericho. How he made a simple list get over the crowd and how he made a big deal during the match just shows how brilliant he is.

Of course, the audience were all behind their fellow Canadian, but still Chris Jericho… what a (drink it in) man.

Exclamation: That mini Shield reunion! The crowd may have booed Roman Reigns, but that triple powerbomb Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose did to AJ Styles is just amazing. I miss The Shield, I have to admit.

Exclamation: The Wyatt Family as match survivors! Bray Wyatt winning a Pay-Per-View match? (With the help of Randy Orton and Luke Harper, of course.) That’s awesome!

Results: Team SmackDown wins!


Goldberg vs. Lesnar (WrestleMania XX Rematch)

Exclamation: Goldberg dominates in just 1 minute and 25 seconds. Goldberg. Dominates. Lesnar. In. Just. 1. Minute. And. 25. Seconds. What in the actual fuck?! What happened?! After 12 years of not being in the ring, he decimated The Beast Incarnate and turned him into corned beast. My goodness.

Exclamation: Goldberg’s entrance lasted longer than the match! That’s crazy. That’s like Undertaker-levels of crazy. And can you tell how I’m freaking out about this match? I mean, come on!

Question: What happens from here? Will Goldberg go for another match? Will he go after either of the two WWE titles? What will be the reaction of Lesnar, who was on a roll from destroying Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak and destroying the likes of Cena? I have never wanted to tune in to Raw so bad since the Draft (and the eventual move of Finn Balor to Raw).

Results: Goldberg wins easily!

Extra Reactions

Question: What’s up with the continuous chin remarks to James Elsworth? I love puns, but these chin remarks are getting lame. And Gallows and Anderson deserve better than this. They’re ass-kickers, not pun-dits.

Question: James Elsworth says “no” to Mick Foley’s Raw offer! And this is for the best. A lot of wonderful things are happening on Raw lately. The same thing can be said on SmackDown, and I believe Elsworth is one of those things. I’d prefer the jobber to be on the blue brand.

Exclamation: Less segments, more matches! That’s cool for me. We got more amazing matches for everyone, with the exception of that shitty ending of the Cruiserweight Championship match.

Question: Where’s my reaction on the pre-show matches? I haven’t seen them. Sorry.

And that ends Questions and Exclamations! What are your thoughts on Survivor Series, if you were able to tune in? And what is your reaction on Goldberg winning? Sound off in the comment box if you will!

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