Listen: Ghostelic?

I have made so many blogs under my name for so many years, but there is only one constant mission: to make my mark on the Web through my stories, my rants and raves, and everything my mind can produce. And the endgame? Simple: I want to be remembered.

And one of the things I want to be remembered of is my unusually varied taste in music. I love music so much that I will listen to any song, any genre in the world, even if it’s the shittiest of pop songs or it’s not English or Filipino. I make weekly playlists where Motörhead, Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters (my favorite band of all time) co-exist with the Carly Rae Jepsen, Steve Aoki and Justin Timberlake, no matter how chaotic that sounds. I just love music that way.

Would you like for me to expound on how fucked-up my music taste is? No? Too bad. I’m going to either way. And I’m going to that by recommending two polar opposites: Filipino indie pop band Autotelic and Swedish heavy metal band Ghost. (No, let’s call them Ghost, not Ghost B.C. like Spotify does.)


I have been hearing good things about Autotelic for a couple of years, most especially from my good online friend Larry and the band’s former keyboardist Eric Tubon (Fuseboxx/Firefalldown). But because of having a lot of other bands (and also TV shows) to check, I never got to listen to their songs until this year.

And just in time, they released their major label debut album Papunta Pabalik. (That sounds like a Filipino translation of Foo Fighters’ Back and Forth.) After listening to the record so many times, only one question popped into mind:

Why did I only listen to the band just now? Why?

One good example is their first single “Gising”, an example of a good Filipino indie pop song that can make you fall into this paradox of dance euphoria and melodrama. (And apparently that is Autotelic’s specialty.) Another great song from them is “Misteryoso” (the song I’m featuring here), a groovy dance song about a guy who is fallen under the spell upon seeing this beautiful stranger. Other recommendations of mine are the heart-wrenching “Dahilan” and the playful-in-lyric-and-melody “Laro”.

Give them a listen, will you? You will not regret it.


Like Autotelic, I have been hearing good things about Ghost. But unlike how I first heard Autotelic, I only knew about the heavy metal band from my hero Dave Grohl (the fifth and most well-known drummer of Nirvana, and the frontman of my beloved Foo Fighters).

In 2013, Dave Grohl and Ghost collaborated on the 2013 EP If You Have Ghost; Grohl played rhythm guitar on their version of “If You Have Ghost” by Roky Erickson, and drums on  “I’m a Marionette” by ABBA and “Waiting for the Night” by Depeche Mode(Of course they covered ABBA with Grohl. Amazing though.) The band also said that Dave even performed with them in a Nameless Ghoul attire.

So, we can now call Dave Grohl… Dave Ghoul?

Get it? No? Anyway, I have listened to their recent EP Popestar (so witty) and Square Hammer may be my favorite song of 2016. I have also checked their earlier works, which were also great (I recommend listening to the very explicit “Year Zero”, the ghost-whispering  “Cirice”, and the devil-summoning “Ritual”, while you’re at it). But Square Hammer is such a moving metal masterpiece that it is in my constant loop on iTunes and Spotify the past several days.

And I don’t mind if some of my officemates judged me with their glares when I sang “Are you ready to swear right here, right now before the Devil” out of the blue during one lunch break. I don’t worship Satan, but if listening to its otherworldy lyrics and the low, melodic metal riffs, horror-show worthy keyboards and heavy percussions is a sin, visiting the confession box may become a daily habit of mine.

But seriously, check out Square Hammer. It sounds so good.

So, there you have it. I talked about two different bands that are way different from one another. Is it weird? And what are your favorite bands lately? Sound off on the comments below.

P.S. Wanna see what I almost uploaded as this post’s header?

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