5-Minute Warning II

Non-working holidays are a blessing. And that was emphasized this week because since Monday I was too stressed about working on this shirt design project, and I have to adopt this certain vibrant, cartoonish design style that are normally seen on brands like Threadless or Hot Topic.

My main design style, as you can see on The Dispatch, is very minimalist. But I do want to explore other styles, and this project gave me the chance to do so on a working environment. But man, Monday and Tuesday were really challenging. I was making sure that I get the style right but still add my own personal take on the designs.

I was tasked to finish 3 studies, and so far so good on studies 1 and 2. I still haven’t started on study 3, and I have another project with a hard deadline tomorrow. The shirts’ deadline is on Friday. Good God. Help me.

Questions & Exclamations: WWE Raw (November 21, 2016)

This year’s Survivor Series became a big deal again, much thanks to the top notch matches and that surprisng Goldberg victory. And after my viewing last Saturday, I was so looking forward to the aftermath on WWE Raw. Here are my Questions and Exclamations of Monday Night Raw last November 21, 2016.

Image credit goes to WWE.com, of course. And would you like to read while listening to their theme song?


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Conversations: Younger Brother and The Deranged Writer I

Younger Brother: You’ve been pretty busy this weekend.

The Deranged Writer: Yep. I was.

Younger Brother: What were you working on?

The Deranged Writer: Nope.

Younger Brother: Come on. What were you working on?

The Deranged Writer: No. It’s classified.

Younger Brother: Design work? Writing work?

The Deranged Writer: No. I can’t tell. Sorry.

Younger Brother: No, wait. Are you making cam shows?

The Deranged Writer: NO!

Younger Brother: [redacted]! REDACTED] IS A PORN STAR!